Translation of the song A kada odem artist Aca Lukas


A kada odem

English translation

When I leave

Nocas je bila lepa

She was beautiful tonight

tvoja bela haljina

Your white dress

a sto ti dusa crna

But why you're soul is black

mene bas ne zanima

I have no interest in that (no interest in knowing why her soul is black)

Dala si sebe samo

You only gave yourself

da mi bude najlepse

So that it would be the best for me (in order to make me happy)

sad mirno spavaj

Now peacefully sleep

jer te moje misli vise ne plase

Because you're thoughts no longer scare you there (in your dreams)

Ref. 2x

Ref. 2x

A kada odem, nek' te probude

And when I leave, let them wake you

podigni glavu kad mene ne bude

Pick up your head when i'm no longer there

za tvoje grehe ja cu pastati

I will settle for your mistakes

al' tebi vise necu prastati

But i will no longer forgive you

Ja vise nemam nerava

I no longer have patience

za neke price pametne

For some smart stories

zato je najbolje da odem

Thats why its best if i leave

da se trag zametne

So that the path is cleared

Da ti se pravdam, duso

To justify myself, my soul

nemoj da ocekujes

Don't expect it (for me to justify myself to you)

sad mirno spavaj

Now peacefully sleep

ja se gubim, ti pobedjujes

I'm getting lost, you're winning



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