Translation of the song Pesma od Bola artist Aca Lukas


Pesma od Bola

English translation

Song of pain

Sva moja pesma je od bola

My song is made of pain

a ta je pesma život moj

and that song is my life

i ove case oko stola

and these glasses around the table

drugovi moji dajte njoj

my friends, give it to her

Kada sam joj reko idi

When I told her just go,

mislio sam na dan, dva

I thought for a day or two

sad se iz daleka vidi

Now you can see from far away

gde je ona a gde sam ja

where is she and where am I

Ref. 2x


Posle kiše dođe duga

After the rain comes the rainbow

rekli su mi drugovi

my friends told me

kad bih duga bila pruga

When a rainbow would be rails

da l' bih njome došla ti

would you come with them

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