Translation of the song 冬景色 artist 文部省唱歌



English translation

The winter scenery

さ霧消ゆる 湊江(みなとえ)の  

The thin fog's clearing in the harbor bay

舟に白し 朝の霜

The morning frost stains the whole boat white

ただ水鳥の 声はして

Only the voices of the sea birds sounds

今だ覚めず 岸の家

People don’t awake yet in the seaside

烏(からす)鳴きて 木に高く

The craws are cawing high on the tree

人は畑に 麦を踏む

They are trampling the wheat shoots in the field

げに小春日の のどけしや

It’s a surely the calm 'nd like spring day

かえり咲きの 花も見ゆ

There’re the flowers blooming out time

嵐吹きて 雲は落ち

The winds of winter storm blow and the clouds fall

時雨(しぐれ)降りて 日は暮れぬ

The sudden rain fall and the sun's setting down

もし灯火の 漏れ来ずば

If no room lights leak from the houses

それと分かじ 野辺(のべ)の里

The village by the field won't never be found

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