Translation of the song Lik artist Oum

Arabic (other varieties)


English translation

To You

Bghit ngoul lik ch7al man kalma

I wanna tell you so many words.

Bghit nghani lik ch7al man naghma

I wanna sing to you many melodies.

Bghitak tchouf datak f'9albi wtarta7

I want you to see yourself in my heart and be satisfied.

Bghit nachhad lik wangoul ch7al tanbghik

I wanna confess to you and say how much I love you.

M3ak 3acht o7lamt otmanit o7a9a9t omazal

With you, I've lived, dreamed, wished, and achieved, and still...

Bghit ntof onchof m3ak boldan wa b7or a rassi wa jbal

I wanna travel and see the world, the oceans and mountains.



A lyoum hani wa9fa fat7a ro7i lik

Today, I'm standing, opening my soul to you.

A lyoum hani w'kol ma fia hdito lik

Today, everything within me, I bestow upon you.

D3it l'rabbi kamal lik kol matatmanah

Asking my Lord to give you whatever you wish.

Tmanit koun yamkan n9arab lik manastanak

I wish I could be near you, rather than wait for you.

M3ak ghanit wa chta7t wa d7akt wabkit wa l3abt omazal

With you, I've sung, danced, laughed, cried, and played and still...

Bghit n7ass wa ndo9 o na7yi rou7 nraya7 l'bal

I wanna feel, and taste, and revive my soul, and rest my mood.



7abit nor li sakna fi 3inik

I love the light that dwells within your eyes.

7alit ktab maktabi wa ktabt 7rouf smitak nta fih

I opened my Book of Life, and wrote the letters of your name in it.

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