Translation of the song Чукотка artist Yuri Vizbor



English translation


Мы стояли с пилотом ледовой проводки,

So I stood with a pilot from the Soviet icebreaker,

С ледокола смотрели на гаснущий день.

We observed from the bridge the evening lights going dim.

Тихо плыл перед нами белый берег Чукотки

We could see passing by a pallid coast of Chukotka1

И какой-то кораблик на зеленой воде.

And a vessel so tiny on the water so green.

Там стояла девчонка, по-простому одета,

A young girl was there standing, and her dress was so simple,

И казалось, в тот вечер ей было легко,

And it seemed that tonight she was feeling at ease.

И, рукой заслонившись от вечернего света,

She was lit by the sunshine, and while squinting a little,

С любопытством глядела на наш ледокол.

With a curious look she had followed our ship.

Вот и все приключенье. Да и вспомнить - чего там?

Well, so much of adventures. Not so much to report of.

Пароходик прошлепал, волнишка прошла.

That old schooner has drifted, and the wave is long gone.

Но вздохнул очень странно командир вертолета,

Fetched a sigh very oddly, he who flies helicopters,

Философски заметив: Вот такие дела.

Like a wise man he whispered: Yet another day's done.

Ледокол тот за старость из полярки списали,

That icebreaker got old, was decommissioned from service,

Вертолетчик женился, на юге сидит.

And our pilot got married and moved South to live.

Да и тот пароходик уж ходит едва ли,

I have doubts that this schooner is still going for sailing,

И на нем та девчонка едва ли стоит.

And this girl is still standing would be hard to believe.

А потом будут в жизни дары и находки,

You will find in your life so many gifts to be offered,

Много встреч, много странствий и много людей...

Many meetings, long travels and new cities to see…

Отчего же мне снится белый берег Чукотки

Why my dreams are about a pallid coast of Chukotka?

И какой-то кораблик на зеленой воде? [x2]

Of a vessel so tiny on the water so green? [x2]

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