Translation of the song Jeg Vil Mig Herren Love artist Eivør


Jeg Vil Mig Herren Love

English translation

I Will Promise Myself To The Lord

Nu flyer ieg til din Naade,

Now I escape to your mercy

Ieg giffuer mig i din Haand,

I give you my hand

Du maatte vel offuer mig raade,

You could probably offer me advice

Alt baade til Land oc Vand,

At land and sea as well

Den Stund ieg er i Liffue,

For the time I am alive

Ieg trøster mig ved din Pact,

I comfort myself at your pact

Hoss dit Ord vil ieg bliffue,

At your word I will stay

Til dig stander all min Act.

With you all my esteem will stand

Saalænge som ieg skal være,

As long as I have to be

Paa denne Verdsens Ø,

On the island of this world

Aff dig vil ieg begiære,

From you I will desire

Mine Synder at maatte bortdø,

For my sins to die

Det skeer alt for din Pijne,

It's all for your agony

Oc ved din hellig Aand,

And by your holy spirit

Naar hand met Naaderne sine,

When he with his graces

Fornyer mit Hierte oc Aand.

Revive my hart and my spirit

O Iesu Morgenstierne,

Oh Jesus morning star

Som Balsom sødeste Luct,

As balm the sweetest smell

Ieg vil dig tiene saa gierne,

I so bad want to serve you

O du velsignede Fruct,

Oh you blessed fruit

Min Siel giør du saa rene,

My soul you make so clean

Naar ieg for Dommen staar,

When I stand before judgement

Som Guld oc ædle Stene,

As gold and gemstones

Legemit som Solen klar.

The body clear as the sun

O Iesu Liffsens Herre.

Oh Jesus, the lord of life

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