Translation of the song 花咲く乙女 artist Sakura Wars (OST)



English translation

Blooming Maidens

あの頃のこと 胸の中に

The things of that time, inside my heart,

思い出が くるくると回る

The memories wander about like a small spinning object.

舞台の 幕が開き

The stage curtains open and

涙を 歌にかえ

the tears change to a song and

煌めく笑顔で 希望(あした)さえ魅せる

with a sparkling smile, it charms even hope,

輝く ライトあびて

bathing glittering lights.

花咲く 乙女たち

Blooming maidens,

(きのう)は 捨てたけど

The past is abandoned, but

凛々しい姿を 七色に映し

Reflecting gallant figures by the seven colors (of the rainbow) and

夢を見るわ いつも愛の夢

Dreaming, always a dream of love.

* 熱い 想い この身を焦がし

Hot thoughts burn this body

  たとえ あした 命尽きても

Even if tomorrow my life ends.

  歌い 踊り 舞台に駆けて

Singing, dancing, and running to the stage,

  君に とどけ 今宵高鳴る その名

Delivering to you and crying loudly this night, this name.

花咲く 乙女たち

Blooming maidens,

未来を 抱きしめて

embracing the future and

麗(うるわ)し美空に 金色(こんじゃく)の世界

in a lovely and beautiful sky, a golden-coloured world,

夢を見るわ いつも愛の夢

dreaming, always a dream of love.


* (Repeat)


* (Repeat)


...the Imperial Fighting Troupe!1

歌い 踊り 舞台が跳ねて

Singing, dancing, and prancing on stage,

君に とどけ 今宵高鳴る その名……

Delivering to you and crying loudly this night, this name...

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