Translation of the song 大利根無情 artist Haruo Minami



English translation

Heartlessness in the Tone river

利根の利根の川風 よしきりの

The breeze of the Tone river is like a reed warbler

声が冷たく 身をせめる

Its voice tortures the bodies cruelly


Is that this world?

見てはいけない 西空見れば

If I look at the west sky that I shouldn't see

江戸へ江戸へひと刷毛(はけ) あかね雲

A painted red cloud goes to Edo


I hear the Sawara Bayashi festival, I remember


Chiba's dojo at the Otamagaike lake


Miki Hirate now is a Yakuza bodyguard


A withered leaf in the byroad of life

義理の義理の夜風に さらされて

Exposed to the honorable night wind

月よお前も 泣きたかろ

Moon, you want to cry


My heart feels confused

抜いたすすきを 奥歯で噛んだ

I bit the pulled grass

男男泪(なみだ)の 落し差し

And took my sword by the chest with tears


Don't stop me Nun Myoshin. Even if Hirate falls and dies,

武士じゃ男の散りぎわは 知って居り申す、

He's a warrior who only knows his time to die


I must go there, go away


I must go there.

瞼(まぶた)瞼ぬらして 大利根の

The Tone river wets my eyelids

水に流した 夢いくつ

How many dreams were washed away?


Holding my breath

地獄まいりの 冷酒のめば

When I drink cold sake visiting hell

鐘が鐘が鳴る鳴る 妙円寺

The bells will ring in Myoenji

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