Translation of the song 雪の渡り鳥 artist Haruo Minami



English translation

Snow migratory bird

合羽からげて 三度笠

A hat tied to a cape

どこを塒(ねぐら)の 渡り鳥

Where's the nest of a migratory bird

愚痴じゃなけれど この俺にゃ 帰る瀬もない

Though I don't complain, there are no returning shoals

伊豆の下田の 灯が恋し

I miss the lights of Izu and Shimoda

意地に生きるが 男だと

I'm a man who lives proudly

胸にきかせて 旅ぐらし

I say to my chest that I live traveling

三月三年 今もなお 思い切れずに

Three months, three years, I still can't give up

残る未練が 泣いている

The lingering affections I leave behind cry

はらい除(の)けても 降りかゝる

Though I ward off, they happen

何を恨みの 雪しぐれ

What regrets have the rain and the snow?

俺も鯉名の 銀平さ 抜くか長脇差(どす)

I'm Koina no Ginpei and if I draw my long sword,

ぬけば白刃に 血の吹雪

In my sword there will be a blood blizzard

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