Translation of the song من اونيم كه artist Morteza Pashaei


من اونيم كه

English translation

I'm The One Who

اونیم که سایه ام نداشت

I'm the one who doesn't have a shadow،

دلش رو توی کوچه جا گذاشت

Who has left his heart on the street,

همون که تو دلش غمارو کاشت

The same person who implanted sadness in his heart,

غیر از این سکوت چیزی برنداشت

And harvested nothing except for this silence

من اونیم که گریه می کنه

I'm the person who's crying,

همون که بغض و ول نمی کنه

The same person who has no hatred,

همون که هیچکی باورش نکرد

The one whom no one has faith in,

اشک و عاشق گونه می کنه

Who still has marks left from love and tears

صدام که سر به آسمون کشید، دلای عاشق و به این جنون کشید

My voice has reached the sky; Lovers' hearts have reached this madness

خدا ببخشه اونو که نموند

May God forgive the one who didn't stay

که قلب سادمو اون به خون کشید

Who made my innocent heart bleed

عشق ادعا سرش نشد، آخرش نشد

Love wasn't claimed by her after all, but it didn't end as well

که یاد من بره

It's in my mind

آسمونو باورش نشد ، کبوترش نشد

The sky doesn't believe it that there is not Pigeon

دوباره بپره

To fly again

من اونیم که خیره رو دره، خوشیشو میده غصه می خره

I'm the one who stands calm against the doors, who gives happiness and buys sadness,

که حالش از همیشه بدتره

Who has been getting worse and worse since forever,

دل نمیده و دل نمی بره

Who didn't give nor take any heart,

کسی که با کسی قدم نزد

The one who didn't walk with anyone,

تو خونه عکسی غیر غم نزد

Who didn't keep any happy picture in his house

سری به قلب عاشقم نزد

She didn't visit my loving heart for once,

اونکه رو دلم زخم کم نزد

(the same person) Who hurt my heart so much

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